Announcing Toledo Tuesdays Gaming Club Blog

Do you love games?  We do!  Toledo Tuesday’s Gaming Club (TTGC), or ToledoTuesdays for short, announces its new blog.  TTGC meets every week to play board games, card games, and role-playing games (RPG).  Look to this space for weekly reports on our sessions, including run downs of gameplay, strategy tips, and comments from TTGC members.  Every so often one of us will post a review of a game, an extended strategy guide, or perhaps just a wild rambling or muse on something game-related!

In the spirit of that latter sentiment, here is a short list of four must-have games as determined by Neal (see our About page for a thumbnail sketch of the four TTGC members):

Dune-Avalon Hill-A beautiful game that can be won by multiple players on any and every turn.  The board, cards, and player aids all drag the player into Frank Herbert’s spice-fueled world of Arrakis. The constant battling for key strongpoints focuses gameplay on aggressive action and tense face-offs that can end with spectacular success or devasting betrayal and disaster. If you can’t find the Avalon Hill version, Rex by Fantasy Flight Games is an update of the rules and a transposition of the theme into the Twilight Imperium universe without much loss of the charm of the original game.

7 Wonders-Asmodee-A tableau card building game that is intuitive and easy for anyone to play. Thematically is is civilization building along with all the usual components: recruiting military, trade, civil, and scientific advances.  It might look like Civilization lite, but for all its simplicity, there is a remarkable depth of play and no single dominant strategy. I am sure that if you are reading this you know about 7 Wonders, but in case you don’t, go get this game and play it.

Call of Cthulhu RPG-Chaosium-First, don’t get the d20 version, find the original d100 system. The classic Chaosium d100 rules make combat and character improvement realistic and intuitive and those are key parts of CoC.  The insanity rules cleverly deliver on the promise of the H.P. Lovecraft mythos. The combination of horror, mystery, and otherworldly science fiction makes for a unique RPG experience where your character’s combat skills are nowhere near as important as their Library Use skill.

Shadowfist CCG-Inner Kingdom Games-Cybernetic monkeys, shaolin masters, a sinister and secret society of transforming animals, and heroic Kung Fu  fighters all battle for control of feng shui sites–what is not to love!  There are no fireball-channel janky combos and no simple beat down strategies.  Games are strategic because victory is only possible through long-term build-up of faction resources and a well-planned strategy.  Top-decking is much less important than creating subtle synergies between multiple cards (and the drawing back to hand-size mechanism usually means all players have good cards in hand most of the time).  You might never have heard of this game, but you haven’t seen how good a CCG can be until you have played Shadowfist.

Hopefully this short teaser list gives you some idea of the breadth of games that are part TTGC sessions.  Again, look to this space for a weekly report on our activity–including our most recent attempt to successfully subdue out of control diseases in Pandemic: Legacy!


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