King of New York

What Did We Just Play?

Each week the Toledo Tuesdays Gaming Club (TTGC) gets together to play a game.  This week we dusted off a fun game called King of New York ( King of New York) by Iello Games.  Richard Garfield designed the game, you know, the guy who created Magic the Gathering (or as my brother and I call it, Magic the Dust Gathering because if you buy enough Magic cards you are going to have boxes and boxes of them gathering dust–see what I did there? LOL).

Anyway, in King of New York each player is a huge, gigantic, horrible monster stomping their way through the boroughs of New York.  Each turn you roll dice to gain energy, slap the other monsters, smash buildings, destroy army units, and gain celebrity.

The game is really a thinly disguised King of the Hill.  The whole idea is to get to Manhattan and stay there as long as you can before getting thrown off the top.  Anyway, the game is super fun and easy to play.

King of New York

A game of King of New York after a few turns.  Bob had his monster (Drakonis) in Upper Manhattan gaining victory points.  On the turn after the one pictured, we slapped him so hard he was out of the game!

As you can see from the picture, each player has a cardboard standee for their monster.  The buildings and army units are cardboard tokens and the five boroughs are each a different color.  The dice are on the right hand side (the claw icon is the symbol by which you slap/attack the other monsters).  The energy cubes and cards (which players can buy to get special powers) are not pictured.

A game of King of New York takes about 45 minutes and trust me, it is a blast. Whenever the TTGC doesn’t have time for a long game (and we didn’t this week because we wanted to watch the US v Argentina soccer match), games like King of New York are one of our staples.

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