Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Duel at Mt. Skullzfyre


What Did we Play?

Okay, remember when you were a kid?  I know, I know, that was a long time ago, but let’s try.  You totally liked to play board games and you thought that you could make up your own games.  I know my brother and I thought this way.

So we grabbed some paper, some cardboard, some markers, etc, and made up a bunch of games that we thought were really cool!  And one of those games was a wizard spell battle!  Does anybody remember the Monster Maker (sometimes it was the Hero Maker)?  It looked like your sister’s Fashion Maker game, you know, the one with the set of flaps hinged on the left.  You could change the top, the middle, and/or the bottom flap by flipping the sheets of paper to make the outfit/monster/hero of your dreams.

Well, all of us played around with a similar idea for a wizard battle.  What if we could customize a spell in the same way?  Well, the geniuses at Cryptozoic behind Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Duel at Mt. Skullzfyre (EPSWotBW:DaMS) actually did just that!

Epic Spell Wars 01

Check out the art!  This game just looks cool!

How do you know that this game is going to be totally rad?  It says so on the back of the box!  “Are you Rad enough for gnarly wizard on wizard magical combat?”  “Do you have the Balls to totally melt a dude’s face…with Magic?!?”  “Rip your opponents a new one with INSANE spell combos!”  Combine these bold proclamations with the cool retro art and you just know that this game is totally rad!

The TTGC (About) recommends that you try out Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards!  Why?  Because it is a blast to play!  The promise of the box is fulfilled by the contents.  Basically, each player is a wizard with 20 hit points.  Here are a couple examples.  The characters do not have special abilities, it is merely chrome.

Epic Spell Wars 02

Two examples of wizards.  I think you can see the tongue in cheek nature of Epic Spell Wars.

Each player has a hand of 8 cards.  During a round each player chooses up to 3 spell cards and creates a unique spell.  There are 3 spell components: Source, Quality, and Delivery.  Players can utilize up to 1 card of each component (you can choose to not include 1 or 2 of the components).  The delivery cards also include an initiative number with more powerful delivery cards going slower than weaker cards.  Wizards who created spells with only 1 component go first in the round, wizards with two components go next and then wizards with a complete 3 component spell go last.  turn order within those three groups is by the delivery initiative number or at random if a delivery component is missing.

Basically, each player creates a spell and hurls it at his/her opponents.  Here is an example of a spell.

Epic Spell Wars 03

Pam and Hecuba’s Explodifying Testikill

After all the wizards cast their spells, each player draws back to 8 cards and the next round begins.  The game is played until only a single player remains.  The winning player gets a “Last Man Standing” token and all the other players get a “Dead Wizard” card, which could offer help in the next game.  All players discard their hands and a new game begins.  The first player to get 2 Last Man Standing tokens is the winner.

There is a bit more to the game than this, including Treasure cards, spell elements, combinations, wild cards, etc, but I will let you discover for yourself how all that works after you get a copy of Epic Spell Wars and turn your opponents into bubbling piles of blood and bone with INSANE spells!  For the more tactical players, there is a good deal of timing strategy, especially sacrificing components for speed.  When everyone’s hit points are getting low, it might be better to cast a quick weak spell than load up a slow Gorenado!  Whaaaaaat?  The game is not only fun and cool, but also has a bit of depth and strategy to it.  How rad is that!?!

Trust me, you will have fun playing Epic Spell wars.  Now get out there are start Melting Faces with Magic!

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