Pandemic Legacy August Playthrough

After our narrow victory in July (see Pandemic Legacy July Playthrough Part 2) the Toledo Tuesdays Gaming Club (info here ) now was moving on to August.




Recap: In the first seven months, the disease in Asia (i.e. the red cubes) mutated into the non-treatable and incurable COdA virus. In April the virus further mutated into the COdA-403c virus and the afflicted became the Faded, with ground zero for the new mutation in Ho Chi Minh City.  We suffered a crushing defeat in our first attempt at the May episode as Moscow melted down, while the Blue and Yellow viruses spread like wildfire across the Americas and Africa.  In a heroic effort in the second episode of May, we triumphed and kept the diseases under control.  A rather lucky draw of cards in June allowed us to triumph in our first attempt.  But now the government was barely funding events and in our first attempt in July we lost so quickly that one of the three players didn’t get a second turn! We did however find the Virologist.  See review here (Pandemic Legacy July Episode – Part One).  In our second July attempt we managed to triumph despite long odds (Pandemic Legacy July Playthrough Part 2).

August Setup

The Mission Briefing threw a curve right at the start of the game.  We had to rip up the “Eradicate 1 disease” mission!  We did however get a new mission: Find the Immunologist.  It is another “search” mission, much like the “Find the Virologist” that we completed in July.


Pan Leg Aug 03

We drew a number of red cards during set up, so there were plenty of Faded on the board.  We knew that we would have to deal with them while also going into Faded cities to find the Immunologist.  So, Bob graciously volunteered to select the Colonel, a character that we had not yet used.

Pan Leg Aug 04

The Colonel.  He can removed Faded figures from the city that he is in.  He also ignores roadblocks.  He got the scar on Turn 3.

Stew came up a with a great plan to quickly find the Immunologist.  We also anticipated using the July win bonus to put down our 6th permanent military base.  In other words, we figured that we would accomplish 2 objectives quickly, leaving only the mandatory “cure 3 diseases” objective.  So, we chose to go with the standard Dispatcher, Researcher, Scientist combo.  After determining play order, here are our character picks:

  • Stew — Dispatcher
  • Bob — Colonel
  • Neal — Researcher
  • Lee — Scientist

Our Funded Event total was only 2, so we selected “Local Initiative” and “Resilient Population.”  We used our July win bonus to put a permanent military base in London and a temporary military base in Seoul.

Here is what the board looked like after set-up was finished:

Pan Leg Aug 01

Start of the August game.  Photo taken before we placed the 6th military base in London. The base in Lagos is there, but it is hard to see.

Game Play

When the game started, we automatically accomplished the “Have a military base in each of the 6 regions” objective.  Objective #1 down — giddy up!

Turn 1

We all started in Kolkata.  The dispatcher moved to Bangkok and then moved the Researcher and Scientist to him.  For his final action, he “Searched” with the Ho Chi Minh City card.  This moved the search 4 spaces (+1 red/Faded card, +1 Researcher present, +1 Scientist present, +1 Dispatcher present).

The Colonel moved to Bangkok and Searched with the Beijing Card.  This moved the search 4 more spaces (+1 for red/Faded card, +1 for Researcher, +1 for Scientist, +1 for Dispatcher).  As the search moved 8 spaces, we found the Immunologist!  Objective #2 down before the first turn was over!  Yee Haw!  The Colonel then moved to Ho Chi Minh City and removed a Faded figure.

Pan Leg Aug 02

The benefits from finding the Immunologist.  The Virologist that we found previously has the “Gene Sequence” so two more things left to find.

The Researcher (has 5 actions because starting with Scientist–Family Member upgrade) gave 2 cards to the Researcher, moved to Kolkata, treated a cube and then moved to Bangkok.

The Scientist grabbed one card from the Researcher, moved to Kolkata, flew to Baghdad, then moved to Istanbul and treated a cube.

Turn 2

The Dispatcher moved the Researcher to Istanbul, then traveled to Ho Chi Minh City, took a military shuttle to New York City (via the Veteran upgrade), and treated 1 of the 3 cubes there.  We drew our first Epidemic card in Seoul.  We used an “Airstrike” to immediately destroy 1 of the 3 Faded figures there.  After shuffling the discarded Infection cards, we drew Khartoum which had an Outbreak (#1) and Seoul!  Good thing we hit it with that Airstrike!

The Colonel flew to Seoul and removed all 3 Faded figures.  He then drew Epidemic #2 in Karachi.  As you can figure, the Infection discard pile now had only 3 cards in it.  We drew Karachi (outbreak #2) and Khartoum (outbreak #3).  We now were going to have to hussle before the 3 regular diseases got out of control.

The Researcher moved to Khartoum via Cairo, treated 1 of 3 cubes, then moved to Lagos and treated 1/3 cubes.

The Scientist moved to Lagos and took a Blue card from the Researcher.

Turn 3

The Dispatcher took a military shuttle to Lima, moved to Buenos Aires via Santiago and treated 1/3 cubes.

The Colonel got hit with a scar in Seoul and selected “Regretful.”  He then moved to Shanghai and removed 3/3 Faded figures there.

The Researcher moved to Tehran and treated 1/3 cubes.

The Scientist cured the BSNL-419 disease (no action required and no need to be at a research station via upgrades), treated all the cubes in Lagos, moved to Khartoum and treated those cubes, and then moved to Cairo.

Turn 4

The Dispatcher moved the Researcher to Cairo, then treated the cubes in Buenos Aires, moved to Johannesburg and treated there.  He then used the “Local Initiative” card to quarantine Karachi and New York.

The Colonel removed 1/2 Faded in Hong Kong, moved to Kolkata and treated 1/3 cubes there.

The Researcher handed a Black card to the Scientist, then moved to Bangdad and put the “Medical Equipment: Binoculars” on a Red card and moved to Cairo.  He then drew Epidemic #3 in St. Petersburg.  We used the “Resilient Population” event to remove Delhi from the Infection deck.  We then drew Mexico City (2 cubes now), Santiago (3 cubes) and Los Angeles (outbreak #4).

Pan Leg Aug 05

Binoculars–should help in searches needed to finish the requirements on card 30 (see above picture).

The Scientist cured the Blue (Fischer-Titus) disease.  Grabbed the Istanbul card from the Researcher and cured the Black (Sprague) disease.  Objective # 3 met — Game over man!

Pan Leg Aug 06

Panoramic view of the end of the game!


Well, none of us expected to win the August episode with an unfunded event total at 2, but our long range planning really helped.  Our “munchkin” strategy of getting 6 permanent military bases paid off, as did placing a bunch of “unfunded events” on player cards.

At the end of the first game in August, the game gives you a new character “The Immunologist” and a bunch of new upgrades.

Pan Leg Aug 07

New upgrades at end of August game.  Check out the “Nuclear Option”!

We took advantage of these new upgrades choosing: 1) to add the “Tactical Centers Now Online” to the Osaka card and 2) to give the “Hacker” upgrade (+1 card in hand) to the Scientist.  We then moved our Funded event total to zero (yikes!).

Onward to September!



3 thoughts on “Pandemic Legacy August Playthrough

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  2. You interpreted the July win bonus incorrectly. You should place 1 military base and a sticker marking that as permanent on the same city. The card specifically says one city. You don’t get two bases.


    • Thanks for the comment. Sorry for the confusion. The comment about Lagos is to show that a permanent base is already there (the sticker is obscured in the photo). London will be the sixth and that’s where the sticker and new base went.


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