Pandemic Legacy November Playthrough

After a rough loss in both games in October (see Pandemic Legacy October Playthrough and Pandemic Legacy October Playthrough Part Two) the Toledo Tuesdays Gaming Club (info here ) now was moving on to November.




Recap: In the first ten months, the disease in Asia (i.e. the red cubes) mutated into the non-treatable and incurable COdA virus. In April the virus further mutated into the COdA-403c virus and the afflicted became the Faded, with ground zero for the new mutation in Ho Chi Minh City.  We suffered a crushing defeat in our first attempt at the May episode as Moscow melted down, while the Blue and Yellow viruses spread like wildfire across the Americas and Africa.  In a heroic effort in the second episode of May, we triumphed and kept the diseases under control.  A rather lucky draw of cards in June allowed us to triumph in our first attempt.  But now the government was barely funding events and in our first attempt in July we lost so quickly that one of the three players didn’t get a second turn! We did however find the Virologist.  In our second July attempt we managed to triumph despite long odds.  In August, we had an unlikely victory and found the Immunologist. In September we found the Paranoid Solider and learned that we had been duped!  A mysterious organization known as Zodiac instigated the COdA virus in order to control the world.  Now we would have to dismantle the oppressive military state that we helped to build up.  We wiped out in both attempts in October, but we did find Patient Zero and a possible vaccine.

November Setup

We had no permanent military base stickers left, so we did not have to add any new military bases to the board.  We drew the 9 infection cards and then selected our 4 Funded events: Local Initiative, One Quiet Night, Remote Treatment, and Resilient Population.  We picked our characters (listed below) and started in Kolkata.  By random draw, Stew was going to go first.

Characters and Turn Order

  • Stew – Dispatcher
  • Bob – Immunologist
  • Neal – Scientist
  • Lee – Researcher


Turn One

Dispatcher — Shared Knowledge to take Osaka from the Researcher, moved to Bangkok and then Jakarta (by discarding Osaka because Jakarta has a 4 on it), and then Sabotaged the military base that gave us fits in October.  During his draw phase, the Dispatcher drew the Bioreactor and puts 3 doses at the Vacc Center in Kolkata.

Immunologist — Picked up 4 doses in Kolkata, moved to Chennai, Vaccinated the city, then moved to Kolkata.

Scientist — (5 actions this turn) Shared Knowledge with the Researcher to give away Tokyo (which is also the Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells), moved to Bangkok, picked up 2 doses, then moved to Ho Chi Minh City and then Vaccinated it.  City Zero of the Faded epidemic was now a safe place!  During the infection step, he drew Bangkok which had been Vaccinated in a previous game.

Researcher — Picked up 2 doses, moved to Hong Kong, Vaccinated 1 Faded and then Vaccinated Hong Kong.  Six Faded cities were now vaccinated so Objective #1 was met and we tore up the card.  ** Note: we were very suspicious that the game wanted us to vaccinate only 6 Faded cities.  We suspect that we should keep vaccinating cities because this smells like a set-up, much like the military base fiasco.**

Turn 2

Dispatcher — Moved to Chennai then took flight to Khartoum, moved to Lagos and then used Shady Background to Sabotage the military base there by discarding the Bogota card.  That was now 2 military bases Sabotaged so Objective #2 was met!  He then drew Epidemic #1 in Milan.  We used Resilient Population to remove the Milan infection card from the game.

Immunologist — Picked up 2 doses, moved to Hong Kong, Shared Knowledge with the Researcher and took a yellow card, then cured BSNL-419 (Yellow, no action) and Vaccinated Taipei remotely.

Scientist — Moved to Manila, then San Francisco, then Chicago and treated 1/2 cubes.  Drew a Bioreactor card and used it to put 3 doses in Kolkata.  Drew Epidemic #2 in San Francisco.  During the infection step drew San Francisco (what bad luck for Outbreak #1)!

Researcher — Moved to Kolkata, flew to Atlanta, moved to Chicago and then treated 1/2 cubes.  During the infection step both Madrid and Sao Paolo got their 3rd cube.

Turn 3

Dispatcher — Dispatched himself to Chicago, Shared Knowledge to give Chicago card to the Scientist, moved to San Francisco and treated 1/3 cubes.  Played One Quiet Night.

Immunologist — Moved to Manila, Vaccinated 3/3 Faded, then remotely Vaccinated Sydney, and treated the single blue cube in Manila.

Scientist — (5 actions) Shared Knowledge with the Researcher and Cured Fischer-Titus (Blue).  Two viruses down!  Then moved to Montreal, New York, Madrid and treated 3/3 cubes.  Drew Milan during infection step for Outbreak #2.

Researcher — Treated Chicago 2/2 cubes, moved to Montreal and then New York, and treated 2/2 cubes.

Turn 4

Dispatcher — Direct flight to London, moved to Essen and then St. Petersburg and treated 3/3 cubes.

Immunologist — Moved to Ho Chi Minh City, Vaccinated Jakarta remotely, moved to Bangkok and grabbed 11 doses.  Drew Epidemic #3 in Karachi.  During infection step drew Sao Paolo for Outbreak #3.

Scientist — Moved to Paris, treated 1/1 cubes, moved to Milan and treated 3/3 cubes.  Used Remote Treatment to take both Moscow and Karachi down from 3 cubes each to 2.  During infect step both Mexico City and San Francisco went up to 3 cubes.

Researcher — Moved to Madrid, Paris, and then Milan.  Shared Knowledge with the Scientist.  Drew Epidemic #4 in Essen.  During infect step drew San Francisco for Outbreak #4.  There were cubes all over the place at this point!

Turn 5

Dispatcher — Moved to Essen, treated 3/3 cubes, moved to Milan, treated 2/2 cubes.  During infect step drew Sao Paolo (Outbreak #5) and then Mexico City (Outbreak #6) which led to chain Outbreak #7 in Bogota and then chain Outbreak #8 in Buenos Aires and the game was over!  We came up just short as we almost ready to cure Sprague (Black) in the next couple moves.

The board at the end looked like this:


Panoramic view of the end–outbreaks of BSNL-419 (Yellow) everywhere!

End Game Upgrades

After 3 losses in a row, we were demoralized but determined to make the board look better in future games.  We chose to give the Researcher the Hero upgrade (can Self-Sacrifice at any time with an action) and to add 3 equipment stickers (Parachute, and 2 Grenade Belts).  We moved our Funded Event total to 6.  We also wondered whether it might be useful in the next game in November to lose on purpose in order to see what was in Box #8 (the “open this box if you lose 4 games in a row” box).  After all a win would lower the Funded Event total to 4 and give us a Win Bonus, but a loss would move the event total to 8 and open Box #8.  Which way to go?  I guess we will just have to wait and see how the next game goes and choose at that time.

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