Folded Space Part V: Scythe The Rise of Fenris

Today I put together my fifth set from Folded Space, FS-SCY+, which purports to organize my box of Scythe: Rise of Fenris and also Scythe: The Wind Gambit. I was a bit skeptical but let’s see how it turned out.

First, I found two surprises inside the box: a Folded Space six-sided die, and two sheets of stickers, one for the Folded Space Part IV: Scythe that I just completed and one for this new Fenris organizer.

— the Folded Space d6

— the two sheets of stickers

The stickers appear to fit into the boxes something like this:

— a sticker inside one of the typical rectangular boxes

I got to work gluing the organizers together. Most were pretty standard, but there were two very unique pieces. Overall, it took a bit less than 90 minutes to glue the set together.

— some completed boxes. Check out those two weird ones at the top

Now, let’s be clear, my game box of Rise of Fenris wasn’t exactly in bad shape.

— my Rise of Fenris game box with the lid off. Clearly not a horror show.

— the bottom of my Rise of Fenris box. Note that because we have only completed Episodes 1 thru 4, there are still unrevealed boxes (Box D being the largest unrevealed box)

So, I started unpacking my box of Fenris and my Wind Gambit box. This was complicated by the fact that my gaming group has not yet opened all the “hidden” material. So, I could only file game components that were revealed already.

— filling the bins with game components

— and now we see what the strange bins were for–> the airships! How cool!

Once I filled all the bins, I started putting them into the game box. Note that the Wind Gambit box is completely discarded (just like the Invaders from Afar box in the last Scythe Folded Space project).

— the bottom layer in the box

— the box with the top layer set in.

Of course, I couldn’t put any unrevealed components into bins, so I have some leftover cardboard boxes that do not fit into the game box.

— my leftover unrevealed content. I will just set these aside for when we have to open them.

The Verdict

I really liked how the airships fit into this build. The bins that hold them are very sturdy and should hold up over time. The only drawback is that once again, the box lid doesn’t fully close.

— the box lid doesn’t completely close

It’s a small annoyance, and maybe once I punch out all the pieces on the cardboard sheets this might go away (although I doubt it). I am not sure why both the Scythe builds have this same problem, but it is a bit of a bummer.

Folded Space Part IV: Scythe

Yesterday I turned my attention to completing my Folded Space game box organizer for Scythe (FS-SCY available here) which I bought for about $30. My recent Folded Space projects [ Near and Far, 7 Wonders, and Eclipse] went well, so I hoped this project would too.

Now…if you have ever played Scythe, you know that the game contains a bunch of cards, resource tokens, coins, boards, player pieces, mechs, etc. Do knowledgeable fans want to guess what my Scythe box looks like on the inside?

— My box of Scythe when I take off the lid. Not so bad…

— but this is what it looks like after I remove all the faction/player boards! What a horror show!

I spent about two hours yesterday putting together my Folded Space game box insert. Here is what some of the components look like:

— putting together the organizers

Everything came together pretty well (except for when my kitten George jumped up on the table, I had to re-glue one piece). Then I started the task of dumping pieces out of plastic bags and putting them in the freshly made bins.

— filling in bins

It took more time to find all the pieces and get them out of the bags then it did putting them in the new bins.

— the bottom row. The faction boards are on the far right

— the top row. The player boards are below the dials. The combat dials kind of don’t fit right and sit above the rest of the organizer.

The Verdict

My box of Scythe is much better organized than before, but…

…the lid doesn’t close. The combat dials sit up too high in the box. Also, once I put the boards into the box, there is no way to completely put on the box lid. The lid sits up by a bit.

— the dials and the boards force the lid up so that it doesn’t completely sit on the box bottom.

So, this installation was not completely successful. It seems to me that the design fails to account for the 6th and 7th combat dials in the Scythe: Invaders from Afar expansion and/or the design fails to account for the depth of the two game boards. Either way, the organizer is much better than using plastic bags, but it falls a bit short for 27€/$30.

Folded Space Part III: Eclipse

Okay, I am back again with another Folded Space project. As you might have seen, I have already completed a Folded Space game box insert for Near and Far and 7 Wonders. Now I turn my attention to a game with plenty of cardboard pieces: Eclipse!

— Oh No! Another horror show inside a game box!

Clearly my game box of Eclipse needed some help! Not only are there bags and bags of pieces, but set up and tear down time was ridiculous.

So…I started gluing together my Folded Space game box insert. For this project, I have to make a set of 4 sheets twice. Each set took about 90 minutes. I glued one set yesterday and one set today. Here is what they look like:

— the two identical sets

The two sets sit side-by-side in the box. Once the glue dried, I started putting pieces into boxes.

— transferring pieces from bags to the new organizers. Looks much better, doesn’t it? You bet it does!

After about 15 minutes of work the job was done!

— the bottom layer of trays

— the top layer of trays set on top of the bottom layer. Check out the sweet little tile holders (center bottom). The pieces stand up in the trays so you can read their names and pull them out easily.

Once I finished, I realized how many plastic bags I had previously been using!

— the previously used plastic bags. I won’t need them anymore!

The Verdict

Another brilliant reorganization of a messy box. Eclipse is a great game, but it has a lot of pieces that need to be sorted. With my new Folded Space organizers, set up and tear down time should be greatly reduced.

The only negative is that the large hexes can be heavy when stacked together. This puts a bit of a strain on the storage trays that they are in, which can pop off a side or two if you are not careful lifting the bin. I had to re-glue the bigger trays to make them sturdier.

Folded Space Part II: 7 Wonders

Okay, bear with me. You are going to think that I have stock in Folded Space, but I am serious, their organizers are awesome!

Not so sure? Well, check this out! Here is my 7 Wonders box with the Cities and Leaders expansions in it before Folded Space organizers:

— Yikes! Take off the lid and this is the mess that greets me! What a horror show!

— Remove the player boards…and it gets worse! A single plastic tray for all the pieces?!? Do you have any idea what goes on inside this box when I store it on its side?!? It’s tragic!

How to fix this mess? After 90 minutes of punching out material and gluing things together, here is the new 7 Wonders box:

— The fully loaded box! Look at that organization!

— The box with the top layer of trays removed. I even got some 7 Wonders: Armada tokens in the box! By the way, note the score pads where I am putting a beat down on Stew and Lee in both games (I am N).

7 Wonders?!? No, my ladies and gentlemen, there are now 8 Wonders of the World, with the last one being my organized game box!

The Verdict

Run, don’t walk, to your tablet, computer, lap top, iPad, or whatever, and order yourself some Folded Space game box organizers. You will be glad you did. Tell them Neal sent you!

Folded Space is what your games need!

I just got my game box inserts from Folded Space today. They are a company out of Sofia, Bulgaria that makes lightweight, board game organizers that fit inside the original game box.

First, they arrive as sheets. You follow the instructions to punch out pieces and fit them together. Folded Space recommends “dry fitting” the pieces together first, and later gluing them once you know how every piece fits Assembly Instructions.

–Some of the sheets

— instruction sheet and my son Oliver putting boxes together

— a bunch of dry-fit boxes

Next you assemble all the components. The instruction sheet shows 1) where each insert goes in the game box and 2) what game pieces go in each insert.

Last, you load up the game pieces into the organizers and stack them in your game box.

Here is a dry-fit example of the game Near and Far:

— the inserts with game pieces

— the fully loaded game box

The Verdict

Folded Space inserts rock! My Near and Far box had previously been a mess of game pieces stuffed into plastic bags. Now it’s organized into neat little trays and everything fits. The box lid does stick up maybe 1cm but that’s a small issue.

Now I have to take everything out and glue the inserts to strength them. Then it’s on to my Folded Space organizers for 7 Wonders, Scythe, Scythe: Rise of Fenris, and Eclipse. Sweet!