Stew is a West Point graduate, former tank platoon leader, a military history expert, and the most competitive of the TTGC bunch.  He has play tested for the Shadowfist CCG, play tested for Strategy and Tactics Press, and we hear tested out some top secret military equipment (although we can’t talk about it)!  He also was a Division I intercollegiate Fencer with the Sabre.

He is our resident strategy master and can be counted on to put the machine guns in exactly the right hex in every game of Advanced Squad Leader to ensure his victory.  He plays every game to win and has an innate ability to see paths to winning that others cannot see.  He loves competitive games where players have to directly interact (or even better, attack!) each other, typically in a zero-sum environment.  Raised on Risk and early Avalon Hill games like Caesar: Epic Battle at Alesia, Stew shows no mercy, always trying to dominate his opponents on the way to a decisive win.

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