Gen Con 2017 — Photos Part II

And now without further ado, I bring you more Gen Con photos!

GC17 12

It wouldn’t be Gen Con without an Imperial Stormtrooper!

GC17 08

This couple clearly put a good deal of time into their costumes!

GC17 13

Director Krennic.  This costume was a bit popular, I caught a glimpse of a couple other people dressed as Krennic too.

GC17 16

Piper from Fallout 4.  You don’t just tell the news…you are the news!

GC17 15

Now this costume must have taken some time to put together!  Very nice!

GC17 10

She looks like a Magic: The Gathering card! I can’t place the costume, but it surely displays a lot of hard work to put all of that together.

GC17 14

Love it! 

GC17 11

In my opinion, the only really good use for CCG cards!  Some of these structures were quite impressive.  And of course, anybody could join in and add to it.

And finally….

GC17 09

… your faithful narrator sitting on the throne at the Kingdomino booth.  Heavy is the crown!


Gen Con 2017 — Photos Part I

Okay, I did my usual trek to Gen Con in Indy this year.  I bought a bunch of games, and I will post about some of them a bit later.  Today I bring you ….. drum roll please …..


GC17 03

Boba Fett — always a classic

GC17 02

An Ood from Doctor Who

GC17 01

I am not 100% sure, exactly what costume this is. Maybe one of my faithful readers will let me know.  He did strike a cool pose!

GC 17 05

A Roman soldier

GC17 07

Again, I can’t quite place it.  Help my readers, help!

GC17 04

Pretty sure he was selling the items at the booth to the right of the picture.

GC17 06

Jedi.  There are a lot of Jedi Knight masks out there, not sure exactly which one this is. 

Tomorrow I will post more.  See what all of you missed going to #GenCant rather than actually getting your pass early and showing up at Gen Con?


Top 10 Games – more information!

Two big improvements to the Top 10 Lists:

  1. I added Stew’s comments to his Top 10 list.  Find out why he picked each game and see if you agree with him.
  2. Now for the first time, you can leave comments on the Top 10 pages!  Yes, you can congratulate us for our picks, slam our picks, or generally leave comments on any game that you see on the list.  Have fun telling us why you agree or disagree with our picks!

As per my last post, you can find the Top 10 Games lists by either going to the About page (Click here) and then clicking on either Neal or Stew and following the link on those pages to the Top 10 lists, or you can click directly on the following links (Click here for Neal’s Top 10 Games) (Click here for Stew’s Top 10 Games).

Top 10 Games

So that you can have a better idea about the sort of games each member of the Toledo Tuesdays Gaming Club likes, I have added the first two Top 10 Games lists to this blog.  You can find them either by 1) clicking on the About page (Click here) and then clicking on the names of the TTGC members and following the links at the bottom of those pages, or 2) clicking on the links here for Neal’s Top 10 Games (Click here) or Stew’s Top 10 Games (Click here).  Neal’s page has some “Why I like it” information so that you can see his reasoning for his picks.

As Stew relays that information to me and the other guys get me their lists, the page will be continually updated.  There also will be more Top 10 lists coming in the future.

Birthday Games: Mysterium, T.I.M.E. Stories, Epic Spell Wars, The Grizzled, Eclipse, and Power Grid expansion board (Quebec & Baden-Wuerttemberg)

Well, yours truly the host of this blog had a birthday recently.  All my friends and family bought me a bunch of games.  So take a look at the photo of the gifts:

B-day games 01

My birthday haul of games!

So…which game or expansion should I play first?  Drop a comment on the blog/Facebook/Twitter and let me know your opinion.

Oh, the kitten is called Nigel and he was a birthday present from my wife.  He loves to play too!

Gen Con day Two: The Costumes Part I

Day Two at Gen Con 2016 was about the costumes!  So I decided to let all my blog followers see some of the many CosPlay, Sci-Fi, and fantasy costumes walking around.

A special thank you to all who let me take their picture.  I hope that each pic does justice to the time and effort that each person put into his/her costume.

Here is the first half of my photos:


Dr. Doom





Star Wars–Sith I believe (please correct me if you know who it really is)



Star Wars, including Kylo Ren



Mr. Spock


Nadja, the German cashier from Japanime Games, dressed as a maid  




Gen Con Day One

My brother and I wandered the Exhibit Hall today and only made our way through just over half of it!  Tomorrow I will post some photos from the Exhibit Hall, but today I want to show you what we purchased so far.

Eminent Domain: Microcosm.  It’s a 2-player game set in the Eminent Domain universe and promises to last only 10 minutes.


Two expansions for Smash Up: It’s Your Fault (fan requests) and Cease and Desist (Sci Fi/Fantasy that mimic Star Wars, GoT, etc).


The Big Book of Madness.  A co-operative game for 2-5 players.


Two copies of a Promo Card for Tanto Cuore.


And the free annual Gen Con d6 from Crystal Castle.


We have already played a couple games and I am going to write up some reviews once I get back home.


That’s it for now.  More good stuff from Gen Con 2016 tomorrow!

Coming Soon: Preview of End of May

The Toledo Tuesdays Gaming Club has been playing games lately and I have been backlogged on getting reports out on the blog.  Here is what to expect in the next 10 days or so:

  1. May playthrough of Pandemic Legacy!  How did we do, you ask?  Well, let’s just say that Legacy has a mechanic to makes games tougher and tougher the more previous success that you had–and we had won two in a row before May.
  2. Two (yes Two!) games of Tanto Cuore.  You don’t know what Tanto Cuore is?  Well, you are going to find out.  Here’s a hint: it’s about Japanese maids.  That’s all I’m giving you.
  3. The start of a new episodic thread: Deconstruction Junction.  Neal (the main blogger and rules lawyer of the TTGC) gives you his take on a rule, component, theme, etc of a particular game and breaks down its function, offering an insight that maybe you hadn’t thought of.  My first target: the Chaosium d100 system–and why you should be porting it into other role playing games!
  4. Initial thoughts on Kemet.  We played it, we liked it, and you are going to hear about it.

Okay, there it is, the big preview!  The Pandemic Legacy should be up tomorrow, so look for it.  Until then…Make Mine Marvel!

What’s Coming Soon at Toledo Tuesdays

I thought it might be a good time to let you know what is coming up next at Toledo Tuesdays.

  • First, expect a review of Battlecruisers: Eminent Domain Universe in the next few days. This might be giving away the punchline, but the game is much more fun than I had expected.
  • Second, my wife promised that she would get me a better backdrop for my photos than either my gaming table or the carpet, so hopefully the quality of the photos will improve. 🙂
  • Third, and this is the really fun part of this announcement, Stew has agreed to start a recurring series on the blog!  If you need a short bio on which member of the Toledo Tuesdays Gaming Club Stew is, click About.  Stew is going to give you his opinion on why certain games are horrible.  He might discuss the game play, rules, theme, etc, and I am sure that it is going to be a brutal dissection of whatever game he decides to trash.  He wants the series to be called Stew’s Rant Corner and I couldn’t think of a more perfect title.

So I hope you like the new developments as Toledo Tuesdays moves forward.  As always, I thank you for stopping by and reading!